Customers feedback

Here are some testimonials of clients that have used our services in the past.

Thank you from my heart

« Dear Christiane,
Many thanks for your dedication, openness and efficiency. You are first and foremost a caring person, human and considerate, and at the same time a savvy businesswoman.
I shared the good news with my son, who is very happy for me.
I realize the final two steps remain: the review of financial statements for two years and the minutes, as well as the inspection. I’m confident!
I’m eager to sign because I’m afraid the seller might change their mind!
Thanks again! »

Jocelyne Lapierre, Boucherville

Professional from start to finish

« Christiane and her team take a very professional approach, both when the property goes on the market and during the sales period. It’s an efficient, flexible and highly considerate team. »

Danielle Perron and Alain Gignac, Boucherville

Pure happiness

« It was a delight to do business with your team, Ms. Roy. It was always pleasant dealing with each of you. Your skills met my needs. Highly professional work, efficiency, a speedy sale and good communications.
Also, it’s always enjoyable to receive birthday greetings, but when they come from people like you, it’s a true delight. Thank you to the entire team.

Diane Routhier, Boucherville

Simply very satisfied

« We are very satisfied with your team’s work. We will be recommending your team to everyone. »

Muriel Desmarteau and Émile Savoie, Boucherville

Continue along the same path

« 100% for the service, as with the previous transaction. Good humour on top of it all. And I love my photo album. A big thank-you! »

Ms. Carpentier, Boucherville