Christiane Roy
Certified Real Estate Broker
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Christiane is one of Boucherville’s best-known real estate figures, and this probably has much to do with the trade being in her blood.

Born in Boucherville to parents who worked in this same field, she would soon feel its lure.

She got started, during her management studies, in a position as a receptionist at a real estate agency. Never one to back away from challenges, she simultaneously took on a customer service job at a nearby sports club with the aim of honing her skills in client relations.

Restless, she next joined Dans un Jardin, a perfume store franchiser, as a clerk. Her ambition and skills enabled her to move quickly up the ranks, taking her to the position of vice-president, operations, at the age of just 23!

But what is bred in the bone will come out in the flesh….

Her entrepreneurial spirit soon took over. Certain that she could apply these long working hours to her own benefit, she returned to her first love at age 24 and began an exciting career as a real estate broker, first on her own and then in association with her mother, Johanne.

In Boucherville and the surrounding area, the Équipe Christiane Roy quickly became a benchmark and stood out, year after year, among the top 10 RE/MAX teams in Québec.

This is hardly a surprise! After nearly 20 years of expansion, Christiane and her colleagues have developed an impressive grasp of Boucherville’s social and demographic profile, enabling them to gauge buyers’ tastes and needs very accurately. In addition, Christiane has such a thorough knowledge of houses in Boucherville that she can identify the owners, the alterations that have been done over the years, and the houses’ value.

As a woman with extensive experience in the subtleties of transactions, Christiane acts with flair in representing clients who have properties to sell. She is a formidable negotiator who defends her clients’ interests as if they were her own. Her solid, straightforward and upright personality unquestionably forms the basis of her team’s success.

Katrine Jodoin
Real Estate Broker
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Determined and enthusiastic, Katrine chose to settle in Boucherville in 2007. She loves this city for reasons that include its urban planning and the quality of life it offers.

With a background in fashion and sales, Kathleen undertook a career change at this same time, choosing real estate as her trade. She soon stood out and earned the prestigious “Rookie of the year” title among all RE/MAX Signature offices. Determined to offer the same excellence in her professional life as she demands for herself, after a year on her own Katrine joined the region’s most challenging brokerage, the Équipe Christiane Roy.

Her life experience, together with her role as a mother, gradually helped Katrine develop her psychological skills. She has the admirable quality of seeing beyond words and simple desires, with an unusual level of empathy in anticipating her clients’ true housing needs.

Where others may simply attempt to reach a good deal, this experienced, refined and elegant woman has earned praise for being obstinate in her determination to seek THE house that matches her clients’ profile perfectly.

And when you run on integrity and passion, the spinoffs can only be positive.

Jean-Pierre Lebrun
Real Estate Broker
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Jean-Pierre is among that select group of gracious individuals with whom one is immediately inclined to spend some quality time. Everyone who knows him says the same thing: he is always in a contagious good mood and is naturally considerate toward others, qualities that make him an exceptional person.

Having risen through the ranks to the position of assistant foreman during his 18 years at a chemical plant in Varennes, Jean-Pierre decided in 1992 to switch careers and go into real estate. It was a natural choice for someone who greatly enjoys human contact and knows his region like the back of his hand — indeed, he has lived on Montréal’s South Shore since childhood, first in Boucherville and then in Varennes. He works there, bought his home there and has raised his family there.

His clients, both sellers and buyers, have been very satisfied with Jean-Pierre’s work. Proud of his more than 22 years of experience in real estate, he instils confidence and guarantees results. A keen student of human nature and very much aware of the emotional stress involved in buying a house, nothing provides him with greater satisfaction than successfully channelling his energies into ensuring the happiness and satisfaction of his clients.

This golf enthusiast and lover of good food and wine particularly enjoys entertaining family and friends at home. He finds a certain pleasure in sharing his knowledge of oenology and showing guests his wine cellar, which he humbly describes as “not bad.” To put it mildly!

You’ll agree: Jean-Pierre is one of those people one loves to be around.

France Guérin
Administrative Assistant
Phone. (450) 449-4411

When the people who form the lifeblood of a region get together to create a winning team like the Équipe Christiane Roy, the work environment, even if highly stimulating, can quickly turn into a whirlpool with a big dollop of stress and countless unknowns to manage.

Though a team may consist of experienced brokers, there’s always a basic need for it to be able to count on someone reliable, with a solid and reassuring presence, who can keep close connections with every customer.

France is this indispensable jewel, the nucleus of the team since 2008. She’s the one who remains on the front line every hour of the day, looking after the weekly follow-ups with our clients, setting up appointments and taking care of administrative matters – in short, all the routine business. This is no light job!

But beyond her outstanding efficiency, France is that very gracious sort of person who, in the midst of the tumult, manages to calm everyone with a humorous aside, a pat on the shoulder and a charisma that is quiet and reassuring.

A bit of background: when France was working at a banking institution as customer service manager, she expressed a desire to move to another department. Her superiors quickly turned this request down, knowing her unmatched talents of attention and sociability – qualities that were widely appreciated by customers and colleagues alike.

And as good things happen in life, we now have the good fortune to benefit from these qualities.

Julie Laplante
Marketing coordinator
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In a world of continual, fierce competition – a healthy thing since this leads to excellence – it is well worth calling upon experienced specialists if you seek not just to stay at the top but go even further.

Julie Laplante, with her 25 years’ experience in the decorating field and a passion for photography, is now contributing to our team’s outreach and strengthening its widely recognized effectiveness.

As a specialist in home staging, Julie can provide all sorts of advice on how to give your home a feeling of space, brightness and warmth. She can also make Web-based visits just as enticing through eye-catching photos, effective use of lighting, impeccable framing and alluring descriptions.

Julie has a keen understanding of attraction that will help create a special feeling and get buyers excited about your house.

With her deep sensitivity, she shows respect and courtesy, invaluable qualities when becoming involved in something as emotional as the sale of a property.